Quest Technologies Inc. has more than 25 years of experience. 

We specialize in taking your concepts or ideas and turning them into a production reality.

Product Design / Development

Have an idea for a product or invention?

Have a market for a specific product?

Have a new product concept?

Have improvements for an existing product?​

Manufacturing, Material, Production, Components, Tools, Die, Sourcing Service

We will introduce you to the best and most reputable manufacturers and suppliers around the world - companies with standards as high as yours, and prices that can't be matched. 

Marketing and Aid Material Development

We also provide the following services to our clients in support of product design/development

Crystal Quest Manufacturing

Water Treatment Systems​

Crystal Quest is a water treatment manufacturing project of Quest Technologies.. The counter top model is presently on the market. Other water treatment (for whole-house use) is in the process of research and development.​

Baneh Lighting Mfg.

​Baneh Lighting Manufacturing offers a prestigious collection of contemporary, artistic lamps, made of the finest materials. Baneh offers a unique and flexible private labeling opportunity, custom design, and manufacturing. This project is fully developed by Quest Technologies, Inc.

Eagle Machine Manufacturing

Eagle Machine Manufacturing provided the finest vending machine equipment. Eagle's line of products was well diversified. Eagle Machine was the first project of Quest Technologies, Inc. and included all stages of product development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and administration.

Eagle Machine Manufacturing

Testing Machines​

Eagle Machine Manufacturing

Lighter Vending Maching​